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( In Less Than 8 Weeks Your New Business Card Can Read...)

Your Name

Certified Interior Design Professional

Full Service Residntial Interior Designer

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Imagine having your own

Interior Design Business

filled with Happy Paying Clients who love everything that you design, and believe you're worth Every Single Cent

You can use your passion and natural gift as a respected, qualified interior design professional who creates beautiful interiors that enrich your client’s lives.

But Interior Design as a career requires a more important skillset than simply being able to create a pretty room.


You’re asking homeowners to trust in your knowledge of materials, spatial relationships, budgeting and of course, the  core principles of design, so your beautiful designs will remain timeless.

That's why it's so important to learn from successful professionals who have have spent years

"In an industry filled with regulated titles and certifications, to most interior designers trying to break into the business, it's easy to feel second rate."

Having a credential after your name will show your clients that you’ve gone the extra step to responsibly learn your craft, and you should be treated as a respected Interior Design professional.


It’s a simple way to build trust and credibility with new design clients, and adds a strong sense of confidence to the designer who worries that they aren’t worthy of the title, “Interior Designer”.


More specifically, in our Certified IDP course you’ll learn;

  • Qualities & skills of an Interior Designer

  • Meeting your clients

  • Working with the team

  • Payment strategies and charging fees

  • Project management systems

  • Common design challenges

  • The user’s experience – sight, sound, smell, taste & touch

  • Setting up a website, blogging, and social media

  • Maintaining professional relationships

  • Preparing a portfolio

  • Marketing your business and Low cost marketing techniques

  • Choosing a surefire color scheme

  • Choosing and placing flooring, wall décor, window treatments, lighting, and furniture

  • Responsible sourcing of raw materials

  • Health & safety

  • Use of perspective

  • Pencil sketching and renderings

  • Mood boards

  • Brief history of modern Interior Design

  • Drawings & plans

  • Colors, accessories & their significance

  • Texture, patterns & fabrics

  • Six design principles:  Spatial relationships, proportion, scale, balance, line, and form

As a Certified Interior Design Professional you’re able to confidentially advertise yourself as an educated, experienced professional who can create beautifully designed rooms to enrich the lives of your clients.


If you’re interested in becoming such a professional, then I have one question for you…

Are you a “Doer"...or just a “Dreamer”?

(or…why you might want to get certified)

As a Certified Interior Design Professional, you'll know exactly what to do when you're faced with these difficult decisions, and have the confidence to tackle more complex designs.

We understand the qualifications that an independent residential designer needs in order to work as responsible, professional, and successful interior design professional.


We created a training program to bridge the gap between the strictly regulated government certification better suited for Interior Architects... and the untrained, independent residential designer who might carelessly make dangerous recommendations to their clients.

This is How the Program Works:

Which Program Is Right For You?

Build a Successful Interior Design Business From the Ground Up

  • Set-up Your Business Basics

  • How to Find Your Ideal Clients

  • What to Say and Do at Every Step of A Design Project so it Runs Smoothly

  • 14 Core Training Videos

  • Downloadable "Fill In The Blanks" Business Forms

  • Support and Encouragment

One Payment


Learn The Interior Design Fundamentals A Professional Designer Should Know

  • The Entire Interior Design Business Success Studio so You Can Build a Successful Interior Design Buisness

  • 7 Additional Training Modules That Teach Only the Most Useful and Important Design Fundamentals

  • All of the Downloadable Business Materials That You Can Customize

  • inspirational Posters and Checklists to Keep You on Track and Productive

  • Of Course...Support and Encouragment

One Payment



You Want Personalized Guidance and Faster Results to Supercharge Your Success

  • One on one weekly personal coaching sessions via Skype and Phone

  • A Personalized Business Plan designed specifically for your needs

  • Weekly goal setting and action steps to keep you on track and growing

  • Work with a successful Interior Designer with more than 25 years experience

  • The Most Support and Encouragment

Add A Supercharge


-Complete all of the 14 core training modules included in the Interior Design Business Success Studio

  • Each module is carefully organized to teach only the most important skills and techniques needed to build a hugely successful interior design business.

  • Taught in a very specific step-by-step system, you'll be able to easily recreate the same success that hundreds of other designers have enjoyed using this exact system.

  • At the end of each module, you'll have "done for you" notes and outline page to review and memorize all of the material.

  • Connect and share with other positive and motivated designers in the group on our private Facebook Page.


-Learn From the 7 Design Fundamental Modules


  • At the end of each core module you'll take a brief quiz to ensure that you understand the basic concepts covered in that module.

  • Once completed, you'll be able to sit for the final exam (which is taken online) and upon successful completion you will have earned your certification.


-Pass the Final Exam

  • Our exams aren’t “tricky,” but they do require that you know the information if you want to pass.

  • A passing grade is 70, and you can retake the test twice (for a max total of 3 attempts).

  • If you do not receive a passing grade after your third attempt, you will be required to go back through the module prior to taking the test again.

​-Display your badge proudly


  • Upon successful completion of the course and exams, you will receive a personalized badge and certificate. 

  • Plus, your digital certificate is full color, printable and is suitable for framing should you wish to display your achievement at your home or office.

- Millions of people can look at a room and tell if it’s well designed or not…

- A fraction of those can create a well-designed room of their own…

- And a very select few can responsibly and practically help other people to create a well-designed room for themselves.


"I wish I knew back then, who I had in front of me.  I would have listened to everything you said, and then write it down so I wouldn't forget.


I am the designer that I am today because of your mentorship and your training.  I owe everything to you Chelsea."


Paula Zarzosa

Belle Living Interiors

Murrieta, CA

"Chelsea has the ability to motivate and encourage despite your own insecurities.  She is a person that has an amazing amount of knowledge and experience.  Her coaching and motivation style are very personalized and down-to-earth.  


I am confident that my design business is built on a solid foundation of knowledge, consistency, and vision thanks to Chelsea."


Interior Designer Timothy Rivers

San Diego, CA

Here's What You Get When You Join

All Access Training Modules:

The entire program is housed on our password protected membership page where you’ll have access to it 24/7.


You learn on your time, not a set course schedule.


Engaging Lessons:

The core of our program is delivered through 14 information packed course modules which include multiple training videos.


Each lesson focuses on a specific skill or strategy you’ll need if you want to build and run an amazing design business.

Lesson Outlines and Done For You Notes:

Each Video comes with an ouline and notes section with the most important strategies and techniques to help you build your business.


Downloadable Business Forms, Checklists, Scripts, Templates, and More…

Your design business should be fun and easy to run.

To support your success, we give you a variety of templates, scripts, forms, and checklists to help you run your design business smoothly.


Online Networking and Community

You'll have access to online networking opportunities where you can ask questions, mastermind, swap ideas and notes, support other members, and create lifelong friendships.

How Does It Work?


  • Copy and Model:  These are the exact tools that I use in my own interior design business; they help keep me organized, on track, and productive.

  • Done for You:  Two of the most requested documents; the sample contract and letter of agreement.  They’re designed to fill in the blanks, and customize to fit your exact needs.

  • Organization: Downloadable PDF's filled with outlines from the training modules and all the documents I've just told you about.

    These wonderful tools have everything you need to run a professional design business, all in one place.

  • Collaboration: You can interact with the other positive and motivated designers on our private Facebook page. 

    I'm going to encourage you to ask questions, give me examples, and interact with our group as much as possible.  The beauty of the group dynamic is to share and learn from each other.

  • Support:  We’re here to make sure that you’re on track and happy. Once your business becomes a huge success, you can share the favor by spreading the word about our group.

"Chelsea has literally changed my life. She has given me the tools and renewed passion to grow my business and create a unique, personalized experience for my clients as well as myself.


Her enthusiasm is contagious, and she will continually work with you, one on one, to create a business platform and mindset that is prosperous and fun!


Thank you Chelsea, you are the best!"


Carolyn Tracy,

Interior Designer and Owner of the Spec House

Chicago, IL

"Chelsea, you are my Guru!"  You've taught me to believe in myself, and to realize that I deserve to be paid well for my talent.  I'm forever grateful."



Sandeep Sood,

Renovation and Design INC.

San Francisco, CA

Course Overview:

Module 1.
Introduction to Interior Design Theory; Why We Do What We Do

  • What qualities and skills an interior designer needs to make it in this competitive profession?

  • Learn a brief history of interior designing.

  • Designer terminology so you sound like an experienced designer even if you’re not.

Module 2.
Business Practices for Todays Interior Designer

  • Your own iron clad contract and letter of agreement to use with your clients so you’re protected and paid for your work.

  • Learn how to work with designer showrooms and manufacturer reps to make sure you’re getting the best pricing and service available.

  • What you're worth and how to charge for YOU!  ​How designers charge for their services, and how can you make REAL money doing something so fun for a living.

  • How to organize projects and manage clients so you have more free time and less stress.

Module 3.

Building A Successful Interior Design Business From The Ground Up:

  • Business basics such as licensing, office set-up, choosing a name and a company brand.  You'll learn how to establish yourself as a go-to designer in your community.

  • Deciding what type of designer you’re going to be: stager, re-designer, remodeler, window treatment specialist, etc.  Which is best for you?

  • Focus on getting over your fears and self-doubt.  You might be standing in your own way and not even know it.  You'll learn how to identify your blocks, and finally break through them for good.

  • Where to find the best resources and how to use them to double your income without doing any more work.

Module 4.

Architectural and Furniture History You Can Actually Use in Your Business

  • Learn about the most influential eras in architectural history and how you can incorporate the classic elements into your own designs.

  • Don’t you want to sound like an interior design expert?I’ll teach you how to identify and discuss some of the most iconic pieces in design history so you sound like an authority in all things design.


Module 5.

Color Relationships and Go-to Combinations

  • You’re not going to learn everything there is to know about the color wheel.(Trust me you won’t ever use it) You ARE going to learn how to make color choices for your projects using reliable design fundamentals mixed with years of trial and error from experienced interior designers around the world.

  • Designers usually won’t share with you the “tricks of the trade”, but we will. You’ll always feel confident when you create your color palates and you’ll know that your clients will love it.

  • You’ll get a full list of designer “never fail” paint colors and which brands to use to make your designs look like a million bucks.


Module 6.

Space Planning and Traffic Pattern Rules to Live By

  • Learn a super easy way to create professional looking CAD style floorplans to impress your clients.

  • Have you ever wondered how far away your coffee table should be from your sofa, or how many dining room chairs will fit around a dining room table?You’ll get a design dimension “cheat sheet” to take out all of the guess work when you’re creating your floor plans.

  • Learn about spatial relationships and how the wrong size and scale of your furniture choices can destroy your designs.


Module 7.

Furniture construction and product knowledge

  • 8-way hand tie, sinuous s springs, and on and on.What do you really need to know about furniture so you can feel confident selling designer quality to your clients?

  • Every wish you had a go-to list of all the best furniture vendors?Well you’re going to get my top 30 brands, and learn how you can buy from them like a Pro.

  • Can you tell the difference between quality furniture and junk?You might be surprised at what’s really under that upholstery when your client calls to complain that it fell apart.Don’t let this happen to you.

Module 8.

Room by Room Design and Practical Plans

  • Learn sure-fire rules for designing specific rooms with specific needs. (And I’m not just talking about the work triangle in a kitchen.)

  • Did you know that most designers use the same few furniture layouts over and over again…because they just work?Now you’ll have the same advantage.

  • How high should you hang artwork, what’s the best way to accessorize bookshelves, what the heck is a “Conversation Grouping” and when should you use it?You’ll learn the answers to these crucial questions and how to use them in your own designs so they’ll look like a magazine cover.

Module 9.

Finding your Ideal clients and how to build a positive reputation worth talking about

  • Marketing isn’t just for the “big guys." It's for everyone. It simply means, spreading the word about your business, and why you're the absolute best designer for the job. You're in a creative field, so let's get creative.

  • Who are the clients that you really want to work with, where can you find them, and how do you get them to hire you?

  • What to say when they call and ask you how much you charge and how you work.


Module 10.

Building a reliable team to support you

  • It’s crucial to your success that you build a team with the right people. These are indispensable relationships that save you time and money. 

  • Whom you need on your team and how do you find them.  (A contractor, painter, workrooms, etc.)

  • What you should ask when interviewing your new team members.  You'll have a questionnaire that you can follow to make sure that you're hiring the best.

Module 11.

Learn to Create Designs That Your Clients Will LOVE!

  • Why creating “the Perfect Design” is a myth and how to spend less time re-designing, and more time making your clients happy.

  • What goes where and how far should it be? Simple space planning rules that every designer should know to avoid traffic pattern disasters.

  • What goes where? .

  • How to keep your projects organized so you can work with more clients and make more money.


Module 12.

The Presentation is Where You Make Your Money

  • If you create an amazing presentation, you won’t have to spend time re-selecting. You won’t have to sell anything, and your clients will be ecstatic.

  • Setting a stage that blows their socks off, and how to present your design so your design clients hang on every word. 

  • Establishing yourself as an expert in your field, so your clients don't worry about anything or second guess your brilliance. 

  • Creating a Wow Factor like no other. If it’s done properly, the reveal at the end of the project will set you apart from any other designers in your area. 

  • Making your client so happy that they can’t help but call all their friends, and immediately recommend your services.


Module 13.

How to conduct the perfect first house call and make them fall in love with you.

  • Easily establishing a budget with your clients.  It can be intimidating, and yet it’s critical to your success.

  • I'm going to share with you the number one mistake interior designers make at their first meeting with a client. (This has killed most design careers, and it's such an easy thing to learn.) 

  • How to take control of your client and your project, so it runs more smoothly. 

  • What questions to ask, so you’ll deliver a spot-on design. 

  • How to close the deal and collect your money without feeling uncomfortable.


Module 14.

Top Secrets to Interior Design Success (This is how you break out from your competition)

  • Most designers make their job more difficult than it has to be.  of working with clients so you save time, make your clients happier, and earn money faster and easier. 

  • If you want to take your business seriously, then you must focus on goal setting and strategizing for your new success.  I'll give you an easy formula to follow. 

  • Learn how to be a "design genius" to create a room your clients will love. 

  • How to have others do the “dirty work” for you so you have  

  • What skills you really need to design for a living.  It's not what you've been told in the past.

  • How to gain the confidence of your design clients, so they won’t question your decisions or shop by themselves online.

I'm finishing up on 2 kitchen remodels and I just signed a 8000 sq/ft house and it's totally empty. I have to say thank you!  As I go to each meeting and talk to each client, EVERYTHING YOU SAID TO ME IS SO TRUE.  You are a genius!


Everythin you say in your seminars and videos almost seems silly and "duh"  It sounds too easy, but it's SOOOOO Helpful!!!!

                                                               Helen Choi, Interior Designer San Diego CA

Added Bonuses!

As a member of the Interior Design Business Success Studio, you'll get...

The Interior Design Survival Guide ($195.99 Value!)

This is designed as a "Save Your Business Tool!"  It's a simple 5-step process that will:


  • Establish productive new business habits so you do only the most income-producing actions each day. – You’ll be shocked at how fast your client list will fill up with grateful, paying clients, instead of tire kickers trying to get free design advice out of you.

  • Give you the confidence to build your “design dream team.” – You’ll learn how to have other people do the hard work for you.  It’s a strategy that made me over $80,000 in design profits from only one team member.

  • Get clarity on your business goals – You’ve seen the best designers in your design magazines. Not because they’re more creative than you, but because they were great at building their design business.  You’ll be inspired, focused, and ready to create a design empire of your own.


Printable Business-Building-Art Posters  ($49 Value)


We at DFL know that, as designers, you're visual learners and you'll absorb information best when you hear it, read it, AND See It


We’ve created colorful, helpful, and most importantly memorable small posters for you to print out and post in your office. You won’t forget the most important “Success Rules” from your training when you see them everyday displayed as beautiful, business-building-art. 

This is a 7-week program where you'll learn in-depth business training, designed specifically for Interior Designers, to help you build and accelerate the growth of your design business.


I'll be adding new and exciting lessons each week to complete the 14 core principles that you need to learn to build your dream interior design business. All of the lessons can be watched online, hosted on our password protected membership page. These aren't the videos you see on YouTube. These are private, members only lessons.


All of my downloadable worksheet templates and contracts, so you can easily personalize them to work for your business. a $1997 value.


A copy of "The Interior Design Business Survival Guide, Stop Wasting Time and Make Money NOW!" workbook a $195.99 value.

A Ticket to the Design for a Living Design Cruise 2016, a $1297 Value
(If you choose the one pay option)


I won't be happy, if you're not happy. If you don't feel that the Interior Design Success Studio is teaching you how to build the best design business you can have, then let me know within 30 days. I'll refund your money; no questions asked.

Become a Certified

Interior Design

Professional Today!

Happy Designing,


​Chelsea Coryell

Design For A Living

PS:  Remember, because you are investing in this program to further your business, you can write it off as an expense on your taxes!


PPS: “I wish someone had given me this information when I was just starting out 20 years ago.  I look back on the rookie mistakes I made in my business, and I realize they could have easily been prevented.  If I had been given this system spelled out so clearly and simply, it would have saved me hundreds of hours in stressful efforts, and allowed me to earn much more money.”​​ 


PPPS:  Anyone can build success with this system.  You can take the fun and easy to follow courses from any computer at any time. You have my happiness guarentee so there is no risk at all.  It's a small amount of investment for a lifetime of happy returns!

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