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Project Tracker

When you first meet with a client, this form will help you keep your project on track and organized.


  • Use the first page to remind you of the most important questions to ask at your house call.

  • The second section will help you to break down their budget into specific pieces or rooms, and then let you track where you need to tweak your selections.

  • The third part is used when you're ready to install.  Make sure you haven't forgotten anything, and don't forget your tools.

Contract/Letter of Agreement

Contract to model and personalize.

Add your logo and business info to the top, then everywhere it says Design for a Living, change that to your name.

Build Your Team

This simple worksheet will help you keep all of your business information in one place.

When you're building your team, use this form to interview potential team members.

Window Treatment Worksheet

This is a simple yet effective worksheet for communicating with your window treatment workroom.


Make sure you're accurate in your descriptions and quickly sketch out the important details of the treatment you're ordering.

Bonus Downloads
Bonus Material
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